Date Night: Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

Floral purse found (here)

Taylor (my cute little hubby) and I always look forward to our date nights. We both work full time and keep very busy between work, church callings, cleaning our home, and yard work.  So, to get a night away to relax and enjoy each other is our favorite! While I grew up with a family that did activities together all of the time, Taylor is experiencing so much of what we do for the first time. This makes date night even more exciting in our home!

Spring in Utah is absolutely beautiful. The trees begin to blossom, flowers start to come out, the birds start to sing, it’s magical. Taylor and I have both actually never been to the Tulip Festival held at Thanksgiving Point so this year it was a MUST! It was the perfect date to truly enjoy the nature around us. This will definitely be a tradition we will enjoy every year!!

I always am on the look out for new, fun date ideas.  Please feel free to share any of your favorite date ideas, and you can expect me to do the same!