My 3 main “Go To’s” after being sick

Find Dead Sea Mud Mask (Here) – Find Its a 10 miracle hair mask (Here) – Find Philosophy Fresh Cream (Here)

After having the flu for 3 straight days I decided to share my favorite 3 products that get me back on track. The first is my all time favorite go to “Smell Fresh Cream”. This scent is heavenly. It will keep you smelling and feeling clean and happy literally all day. The second is my absolute favorite hair mask I have ever tried (trust me I have used my fair share). It’s a 10 (miracle hair mask). 3 days of having who knows what sitting in my hair, this is the perfect product to deep clean and give your hair the extra boost it’s needing. Lastly, the Dead Sea Mud Mask. This will forever change the way you feel about your face. It removes dead skin cells, helps with acne, and stimulates circulation. I not only use this product, I make my hubby use it as well. It helps get into deep clogged pours and clears them right out.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback on these products as well as any of your favorites!




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