The gift that keeps on giving…

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Working full time and having adult responsibilities has made it hard for me to find time to spend with two of my best friends (my mom and my sister Carli).  So a couple years ago my sister and I put our heads together to think of  a way we could find a special occasion for a girls day with just the 3 of us.  We found that the “What a woman wants” Expo happened to be around the same time as my moms birthday each year, and just like that, the tradition was born! Since then, each year we have continued the tradition that keeps on giving.  There is nothing more special then creating memories with my family, and that is something that truly keeps on giving.  This year I decided to take my camera along with me to document some of those memories, and I am sure glad I did.  We had a blast, and now I will always be able to look back on the early years of the gift that keeps on giving.

First, we took my mom to the Cheesecake factory, we are all OBSESSED with this place. We sat and talk for nearly two hours. This is another reason why I love giving an “outing” as a gift, you get to truly spend quality time together. We made it to the Expo center and had a BLAST!!! For those of you that aren’t familiar with this event it’s a room filled with booths of literally everything a woman wants. From baby clothes,  to clothes for yourself, bath bombs, soaps shops, food, hair, make up, and more!!! While walking around I found the absolute CUTEST baby bows for my little Navy girl!! They are made out of nylon, they are extremely soft and won’t leave a ring around her little head.

We will definitely be going again next year!!