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My favorite HEALTHY snacks

Fruit Strips (here) Popcorn (here) Miss Popular (here) Skinny POP Popcorn (here) Watermelon Water (here) Dried Fruit (here)

With SUMMER just around the corner, I have been trying to SNACK on healthier things. I LOVE to fill my kitchen with fun colorful snacks that anyone can enjoy. I have tried and love all of the above snacks. I found everything at Target!!! I am a Target-a-holic. They have the best goodies and they are always packaged so extremely cute!! All of these snacks are perfect for a movie night or something to grabĀ on the go. I LOVE to portion out the popcorn, it makes my life a million times easier AND keeps me from eating the bag in one sitting. (Yes that has happened)

What are some of your favorite summer snacks??