My Wedding

Photographer (here) Floral (here) Reception Home (here)

These are just a FEW of my favorites from my wedding!!

My wedding day, August 1st 2014 was the most amazing day of my life!!! I can’t believe it has nearly been 3 years. Marriage is an odd thing, time literally flies but at the same time you can’t remember life without your spouse! Taylor and I were married in the Bountiful LDS Temple. It was truly the castle in my fairytale. Tay and I dated for 11 months before getting married and had a 5 month engagement. (Wayyyy to long, I had everything planned within the week of Tay asking me to marry him) I wanted an extremely simple wedding. I didn’t want a luncheon or a dinner the night before WHICH turned out to be a good thing because 3 weeks before my wedding, my little brother decided to get married the NIGHT before my wedding day in my parent’s back yard. Talk about ANNOYING!!! I was running around picking up Hawaiian BBQ for their wedding just hours before mine. It’s a good thing I love my brother and sister in law!! Tay and I were married at 11am in the morning. RIGHT after the wedding, wedding dress and all we decided to go to Swig before heading over to the reception home to help decorate before the party. Swig was amazing AND since I was in my wedding dress they gave us free drinks and cookies… Talk about AMAZING customer service ;). My reception started at 5, we had a BBQ buffet dinner (literally off the grill) and NO LINE. (Best decision EVER) We were able to walk around, eat, and enjoy the company of all of our guests that came to support us. 


A few tips that I learned from my wedding is, don’t stress the little things, the details are AMAZING but this day is about the bride and groom and their love, not the flowers, decorations, or food. DO NOT let your little brother get married the night before you… And, DOCUMENT!!!! Even if you have a photographer, take a few photos just for you and your hubby!! What I would give to have a picture from our Swig stop!!